In the Land of Gaga

It was a most peculiar sight. A light cappuccino brown flowed down the main river while jade green waters swirled down the adjoining river from the right. Seemingly bound for a messy collision, the two streams instead stilled abruptly, settling into an uneasy truce along some invisible line. Fitting perhaps for Wulai (烏來), an aboriginal … Continue reading In the Land of Gaga

Where the Wild Things Are

The excitement of going to the zoo never gets old. Even as I got older and outgrew my pigtails, the sense of adventure and joy that accompanied zoo outings never left me. I see myself at six again, riding on my dad’s broad shoulders, squealing as he bends and dips me precariously close to the animals. My brother and I link hands and weasel our way to the front of the polar bear enclosure, pressing our sticky fingers against the cool glass, gaping in awe at the polar bears and marveling at the wonders of their white fur, speckled green with algae…

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La Vie Sportive

Going outdoors has always been synonymous with going to the mall for me. Which is why cycling around an entire island and living to tell the tale is an achievement in itself. And not a tiny island mind you, but 33 kilometers around Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) in Nantou County. The trip had started off … Continue reading La Vie Sportive

The Cabbage Brigade

I’m not sure what to think as I examine the cabbage in front of me. It’s so small it could fit neatly into the palm of my hand. A milk white stalk unfurls into dark green leaves; a locust rests atop, its legs poised to take leap. I’m seized by a sudden madness to smash the glass and hold the cabbage in my hand, to feel the weight of it in my palm, and to feel its glossy smoothness against my skin.

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